Shipment Tracking

We will send you a SMS with the tracking information to the mobile phone number you provide during the registration (it is the one we provide to the transport agency)

Shipment Process

We work to offer the best order delivery service. Although 98% of orders arrive in less than 96 hours, the procedures to follow for the shipment of your order are not simple. Orders are not processed by a warehouse clerk instantly. In the following chart you can get an idea of the process to follow to process your order.

In case of exportations:

Our partner Couriers


All our shipments are made through an urgent transport agency and are delivered between 48-72 hours after the order is shipped.

Orders that include screen printing or workshop services depend on the workshop work queue, with a minimum of 10 working days.

We will provide you with tracking code and information/notices by e-mail, and will receive an SMS when delivery is scheduled by the courier service. We always use the information you provide us during the order.

It is the obligation of the client to be aware of the email in which he is informed of how to follow up. In case of inquiries about your order you must provide us the ID of the same, which is notified after your payment by ema.

If you have a tracking number, it is best to contact the transport company directly, indicating the delivery address and the information you provided during the order, given that we do not mediate in case of delay in delivery.

You can do an order simulation to see the estimate of shipping costs that appears in the basket without any charges.