How to order STEP-BY-STEP

To obtain the final price of the items that interest you from our online store you should go to the detailed view of the article(s) you are interested in. It is as simple as clicking on the name of the item or its image in the search view, category or mainpage of the online store.

Once in the detailed view, select from the available options of the item, for example, size and / or color if necessary and then press the button Add to Cart.

With this, you will be adding the products one by one in the shopping cart that appears in the upper right part of the screen with the following appearance:

When you put the mouse pointer over it, you will see the content accumulated in the cart, being able to modify it / view it. By clicking on the basket you will be able to View Cart and get a quote .

Everything without registering.

Quick Quotes

Once you have added the desired products to the Cart you will see the corresponding button Checkout by clicking in the upper right basket icon. If you press it you will obtain a quick general view of your order and estimante shipping.

Quick Quotes

Save your cart or Mail a formal quote

If you followed the steps above, at this point, you should be able to see the options to log in or create an account in order to "save your cart" and "print a quote" from the checkout page.

Once logged in:

And the quotes will have this look:

How to buy: finishing your order and payment

To finished your order you must click the button Checkout and you will be redirected to a page where you must register providing your details to invoice/ship your order.

In 6 simple steps you will have created your user account, indicating your shipping and billing address.

In the last step before finishing the order, you can select your payment method from among the available ones.

If you select payment by transfer, we advise you to send us a receipt by email to process your order ASAP.

Order history, invoices and purchase tracking

Once the payment is finished, you can access your customer area at any time to download and print invoices as well as track your orders. In this same area you can reiterate your order, confirm the status and sign up to our newsletter, and even modify your data as a customer.

We advise you to put our email address in your Address Book so none of the notifications we'll send you will arrive to your spambox, we have evidence by some customers that some mail providers such as Hotmail can consider our mail as SPAM.

Pre-sale and post-sale questions

You can always send us an email to the email address you see in the header or using the form provided on our contact page.

We attend all your queries by SMS or whatsapp to the number +61 439 007 017 in Australia and +34 656 260 165 in Spain - Sales Team as well as through the URL connecting through the App on our smartphones.

We have a wide catalog of brands and products. In this store there are approximately 500 products, which are the most requested. We constantly work on updating stock and prices, as well as to improve the logistics of the order itself. Here you can find a very specific line, but do not hesitate to ask us about any other you have in mind: we have expanded our range of products to ten brands and have great variety of services.